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Thula Mama’s harmonious CDs include songs and lullabies chosen for their rich cultural heritage from around the globe. Soul Cool Babies and Tootsie Toolahs tell stories of the past, present and future and are sung in beautiful harmony to sooth and uplift. What makes Thula Mama different is that the music is sung a capella with only the human voice. Offering a wonderful alternative to songs like ‘Wheels on the Bus’ or nursery rhymes such as ‘Humpty Dumpty’, Thula Mama’s soulful renditions soothe children in a new way and encourages adults to sing to them more often.

Their music has many benefits for nurseries & playgroups, not least that the songs are soothing and pleasing on the ear for children and adults alike, the global songs all have multi-cultural appeal and teaching new music is a change for everyone!

To help with teaching the songs to the children, Thula Mama now supply Teaching Packs that include an accompanying song-book with all the lyrics, a teaching CD with the melody lines for all songs clearly sung, and a copy of the CD Soul Cool Babies or Tootsie Toolahs. If you’d like something really different and more inspiring than the usual ‘Wheels on the Bus’ format for your pre-school children then the Thula Mama Teaching Packs and CDs are for you.

Visit www.thulamama.co.uk to hear examples of the music and to learn more about Thula Mama. http://www.thulamama.co.uk/main.htm or call t: 01803 862028 for full information and to order. Teaching Packs RRP £29.99 each.